Chioso Savivaldybė

Chioso Savivaldybė



CIO established to create value added ideas and projects for Chios Island.

Chios Innovation Office launched to generate and implement innovative, creative and value added services for Chios Island. 


CIO believes in the power of collective idea to find innovative solutions for social problems.

CIO creates open innovation platforms to strengthen collective idea and creativity. CIO is a meeting point for groups, institutions and individuals developing innovative social ideas, methods and projects; endeavoring to bring them into action. 


CIO works to increase recognition and dissemination of good practices and successful projects.  

CIO promotes ongoing or previous good practices and successful projects at national and international level to increase awareness and provide dissemination.


CIO generates smart projects with smart collaborations.

CIO works in cooperation with citizens, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, private sector, universities, public institutions, designers, academicians, educators and EU project partners.  It also works for increasing participation of all segments of the society in innovation processes as active producers and users.


CIO organizes events and activities to increase the awareness of society on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

CIO contributes to increase awareness on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in society via idea workshops, shared wisdom meetings, seminars, panels, trainings, competitions and project market activities.

CIO makes application to external grants and funds. 

CIO follows calls for proposals and project partnership opportunities on national and international grant programs regularly; prepares and coordinates application processes for determined projects. It carries out EU funded and other externally funded projects in related areas.


CIO continues the communication with local, national and international networks and platforms in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

CIO keeps in touch with national and international networks and platforms for project partnerships and experience sharings.

CIO researches to create solutions for social, economic, environmental and cultural problems.

CIO researches for new service areas and innovative projects. 


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Chioso Savivaldybė

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